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Memories Inside Never Die

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Song Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Yall been eating all alone dawg, stop being greedy
Niggas got they hands out, stop being needy
Only time we do the crabbing, [?] linguine
Cut a couple homies off, caught being sneaky
Stumble but I got it back, bobbing and weaving
[?] in his prime, I’m a force, what y’all needed
God level reaching I’m killing off certain features
Gold medal peaces reminding me I’m a beacon
Of light to my people who struggle to find they reason
Money is the motive but really I want the freedom
Started as a worker, Π΅nded up being leadΠ΅r
Now they wanna join an allegiance, can’t beat ’em
Way ahead of time and my future just silver lining
I’m screaming from the horizon “I am” to philosophic the pen
The bigger body, my wife, super hottie
I’m richer that that bugatti, don’t mention illuminati, nigga naw
Try to blackball me I got quarter pocket
I’m the type to show my route but know you can not stop it
I took some Ls to make me living legend
Show ’em nothing but success I bet they get the message
Too much gassing going on I might just get the Tesla
Applying pressure every drop you know it’s something special
Do not compare me to nobody I got different measures
How can I woadie in my bezzle, my guilty pleasure
I told myself I never settle, I’m gon’ ride forever
Bought up some property, honestly could’ve bought a Phantom
I know they proud of me, I’m the light in this Panhandle
I know they proud of me, I’m the light in this pen nigga
[?] I’m in this shit getting jiggy
Haters on my sideline, can’t get with me
12 years in it, fans still feel it
Power back up, I switched a auto to a semmi nigga
One shot kill a [?], everybody shiver
Controlled by the white man, you sold to the system
I’ve been out here zenning, just holding my inner vision
[?] in the kitchen, [?] just doing digits
2022 this the journey of reposition
Journey of recognition, reason why we existed
Either war with the world of yourself, your decision

Dear Lord, thanks that you keep me, cover me, watch over me, watch over my loved ones, I know that the devil always working. But any weapon formed will never prosper. We ready
Hood Nation


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