Agust D Ft. RM – 이상하지 않은가 (Strange) [Mp3 Download]

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이상하지 않은가 “Strange” is a philosophical soundtrack by Suga BTS (Min Yoon-gi) also known as Agust D.Suga, he often wrote his name as “DT Suga” in his lyrics, and “Agust D” is simply “DT Suga” written backwards. “DT” also stands for “Daegu Town,” which is where Suga is from.

Agust D featured RM in this track. RM used to be known as “Rap Monster,” which came from a song he wrote many years ago. However, in 2017, he decided to shorten it to “RM” which could also be “Real Me.”

이상하지 않은가 (Strange)” is a soundtrack that features knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life, about what has become ‘normal’ in contemporary society. The songs opens with a piano instrumental that falls into a trap beat. Both Agust D and RM make observations on the pain and contrariety in the world and how abnormal things is seen as normal.

이상하지 않은가 (Strange) Is the fourth song in Agust D albums title “D-2”

The song was offered production support by record music producers, GHSTLOOP, EL CAPITXN and Agust D, the track was released on May 22, 2020.

Quotable Lyrics:

Everything in dust
Do you see? well, well, well
Everything in lust
What do you see? well, well, well
누가 알려줘 삶이란 고통인지
Well, well
신이 있다면 알려줘 삶이란 행복인지 yeah yeah
세상이란 커다란 시스템
그 안에 대립과 전쟁이 아니면은 서바이벌을 투입해
거부할 수 없는 삶

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