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The Car

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Song Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Lego Napoleon movie
Written in noble gas-filled glass tubes
Underlined in sparks
I’ll admit it’s elaborate for a wakin’ thought
Vortex to vortex
The Business they call Show
Hasn’t ever been this pumped up before

Hello, gruesome
There’s just enough time left to swing by
And re-address the start
If you call and have them pull around the car
And stop specialising in stories from the road

Hello you, still draggin’ out a long goodbye?
I ought to apologise for one of the last times

[Verse 2]
As that meandering chapter reaches its end
And leaves us in a thoughtful little daze

ThisΒ electric warrior’sΒ motorcade
Shall burn no more rubber down that boulevard
Read the message I left on the thank you card
Overtaking the tractor
Waitin’ for sets of winds and bends to level out again
Pickin’ your moment along a country lane
The kind where the harmonies feel right at home

Hello you,Β still draggin’ out a long goodbye?
I ought to apologise for one of the last times

[Verse 3]
Takin’ a dive into your crystal ball
I’ve snorkelled on the beaches fruitlessly

Why not rewind to Rawborough Snooker Club?
I could pass for seventeen if I just get a shave and catch some Z’s

Hello you
Hello you


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