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ArrDee is back with a new single called “Come & Go” and a sophisticated new music video to match (he never left). A track taken from his next long-awaited album, Pier Pressure, allows the rapper to talk about personal moments in his life. To commemorate the release of his new song and music video, here’s a breakdown of the meaning behind the lyrics of his new song “Come & Go”. This line of the song is sampled from DJ Ironic’s legendary 2008 song “Stay With Me.” It is a well-known fact that ArrDee (real name Riley Davies) has been sharpened to reach the current location from day one. In this line, he told the fans that this was the story of his life, and he did it alone. In this line, ArrDee talks about his father and how he didn’t know he was growing up. He takes a little time at the bar to reassure himself that it’s not his fault and he’s no longer angry about it. Nice to meet you, ArrDee!

The song was offered production assistance by outstanding producers, Jacob Manson & AoD and was released on March 3, 2022

Quotable Lyrics:

It started from young and the kid ain’t grown
But the problems have
I hardly didn’t know my dad
But it weren’t his fault, I’m no longer mad
He does what he can, they come and they go (Always)
The first girl that I had still fucks with my mind but the girl is a hoe
But now I’m trash, so what do you know? I cum and I go, literally
They all show love on the road, and I got bad girls all tryna get pics with me
If I step in the club, then they sit with me (Come)
It’s a blessing, I ain’t gonna bitch, but, see
I bet you now, they wouldn’t stick with me (Facts)
If I didn’t rock this flow
If I didn’t pop, then blow, but I chose this

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