B.E.N.N.Y. the Butcher & J. Cole – Johnny P’s Caddy [Mp3 Download]

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johnny p's caddy

American rapper Jeremie Damon Pennick, known professionally as Benny The Butcher and singer J. Cole releases “Johnny P’s Caddy”. It was released on the same day as J. Cole’s birthday (January 28), the track serves as the lead single to Tana Talk 4 and marks the first collaboration between Benny and Cole.

The song features the two artist boast about their rise to the top in rap, in which he and Cole look back through time
The title is inspired by the Cadillac that Benny’s father owned when he was growing up. It might also be a tribute to the late R&B artist Johnny P, who famously gave a chorus about riding in a Cadillac on Do or Die’s 1996 single, “Po Pimp.”

The track’s instrumental was offered production by Benny the Butcher & The Alchemist and released on January 28, 2022. Benny released an official music video to go with the song’s release, fitting with the overarching theme of the song.

Quotable Lyrics:

Yeah, you know?
Tana Talk 4, this shit mean a lot to me, know what I mean?
You know this shit don’t feel as good as it look (Big Griselda)
I’ma keep it real with you (Black Soprano Family)
I’m straight, though (I’m good)
This street shit made me what I am today
Niggas know I went so hard for this shit
I deserve this shit, nigga (Ah)
The Butcher comin’, nigga….This ain’t my story ’bout rags to riches, more ’bout how I mastered physics (Uh-huh)

In the game, I used to train like Rocky, catchin’ chickens (Yeah)

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