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Moscow Mule

Puerto Rican rapper and singer Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known by his stage name Bad Bunny just released a new record titled “Moscow Mule” , “Moscow Mule” is the name given to the song that opens the album A Summer Without You, and which also serves as the first single from the record project

The song takes its name from the homonymous cocktail, which in Spanish would be translated as “Moscow mule”. which despite referring to the Russian city, is of American origin. The Moscow mule is a preparation that contains vodka, lemon juice, ginger beer and a whole lemon, and is consumed in a cup made copper, which gives it its characteristic appearance.

The song was produced by Scotty Dittrich, Mick Coogan, La Paciencia & MAG and released on May 6, 2022

Quotable Lyrics:

Todo e’ underwater (Ey)
Baby, vamo’ pa’l cuarto quarter
En la Uru’ comiéndono’ el pare
Te vo’a dar duro pa’ que no me compare’, ey
Cuida’o con ese mahón, que se va a romper (Ey)
Ese booty lo va a romper (Ey)
Yo no sé si yo te vuelvo a ver
Si mañana me vo’a perder
Tú ere’ una player, me hiciste un crossover
Esta ve’ metiste, me diste game over, eh-eh (Huh)
Porque no puedo olvidar
El perreo aquel que se fue viral
Dime si mañana te va’ a quedar
Después de la alarma te lo voy a dar, ey
Hoy tú no va’ a trabajar, jeje, no

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