Best way to create PayPal business account in Nigeria and receive money


Quickly in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a PayPal account in Nigeria. A PayPal account that can send out and receive fund from both company and individuals.

What you will learn in this post

  1. What is PayPal.
  2. What can this PayPal you will be creating in this tutorial be used for.
  3. Things to note when creating this account.
  4. Creating the PayPal account.

What is Paypal

Paypal is an online financial service that allows you to pay for items using a secure internet platform. You add your local bank account, credit card or debit card details and whenever you pay using PayPal, you can choose which of your cards or accounts it pays with. 

In addition to paying for items using Online, you can also receive money through the service. Any money received stays in your PayPal account and can be used when paying for something, with the balance topped up by your assigned cards or bank account.

It is free to transfer money to friends or family through PayPal accounts, as long as there is no currency conversion required.

What can the paypal account be used for

This PayPal business account we are about to create will be able to make payments online, and withdraw to your local bank account too. Some PayPal accounts do not either send out funds or withdraw to your local bank account , But this particular PayPal will do all that.

So I’m going to be showing you everything here. I’m not going to be giving you theory only I will be creating a live PayPal business account here.

Now, I’m going to quickly login to my account right away, just to show you how to go about it with proofs.

Things to note when creating this account

Now before I proceed, there are things you need to take note of when trying to create a PayPal account that can work effectively in Nigeria. They are:-

  1. Creating a PayPal account with a good IP
  2. Don’t use VPN why trying to login account.
  3. Maintain a particular Browser.
  4. Trusted countries to create an account are; Lesotho and UAE.

Creating the PayPal account

In this tutorial I will be using United Arab Emirate but you can use Lesotho, go to your browser and type for UAE

OR for Lesotho

 Then click on Signup, it will take you to the account type. Based on my results and findings, I would advice to go with business account, then hit the continue button.

Please follow me carefully and do exactly as I do.




You are expected to put in a new and active email address, you wish to create the PayPal account with, then hit the continue button. Am using [email protected] for this tutorial

Next is password, Input a 8 character long password which must include upper and lower case letters, a number or a symbol . Then hit the continue button.

Next is Business details, the legal name is the first and last name on your ID card. Take note, we are working with details you have on the ID you wish to use in creating this account, so i am using Aje Ojo as my own name. In filling the business name, input the name you wish to use as your business name. I’m using Aje Limited for the sake of this tutorial.

Then tick on the small box as the name you want your customers to see. Next is phone number, you choose Nigeria as a country, input your active number. Reason has been that most times, when you try to login, for security reasons, a code will be sent to your number. I suggest you use an active number you have access to.

Business address is the address you have on your ID; in this tutorial I used no 12 Aje street

The additional information is optional, skip it

Then the city is the city on your ID. For the sake of this tutorial, am using Lagos .The state should be left as it is, or you choose a state in that particular country you wish to create the account with. Currency is USD, finally click on the box to agree on the user agreement .Then hit the Agree and Continue.

The next is the business type, just click on the drop down button. Click on individual/sole proprietorship, next is product or service keyword, here you need to key in what your services is. I’m using professional service for sake of this tutorial.

In the date of birth, key in the details in the valid ID you are using. Nationality should be Nigeria not UAE or Lesotho.

Then in identity document, click on it and a drop down will pop out. Choose the ID you have either Voters Card, National ID, Drivers License or International Passport. For the sake of this tutorial, I’m using National ID.

Then on the ID number just key is your ID number. On the home address, tick on box (same as home address). Then click submit, you now have a valid PayPal account. Hurray!!!!

After the account is done, rush to your mail box. Click on confirm your email, follow the steps and get it done. Then your account is ready to an extent.


Next, Click on the menu icon.

Next click on Account settings


Now click on Business information, under business profile section. Move over to business information and click on update.

This is the real deal, don’t mind what I covered, is just my details, so just follow the steps. Once you click on that update, locate the business information, and click on edit. Scroll down to Average transaction price, and fill in the necessary amount you wish you can trade weekly, monthly and yearly respectively and save.

Furthermore you can add profile picture if you have a real business and you can also change your details in case you made any mistake when creating the account.



To make the account strong, you will need to link a card to the account. For more enquiry or questions contact us @



1. The document you are meant to use and open this PayPal should be a valid plastic ID card i.e. Voters Card, National ID, Drivers License or International Passport.

2. Don’t use details that may have been used to create a PayPal account in the past, so always use a fresh details why trying to open a PayPal account.

3. Stick to one browser and a particular network.

4. Don’t force withdrawal or sending of out funds rather allow the account to rest for a while and try it again after 48-72hrs.


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