Camila Cabello Ft. Willow – Psychofreak [Mp3 Download]

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“Psychofreak” is a collaboration song between Camila Cabello and American singer-songwriter Willow, included in Camila’s third studio album, “Familia”

A few months ago, Camila sold the home she shared in Hollywood Hills due to a break-in. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she and her ex-partner Shawn Mendes lived there together and as a lot of Familia is rumored to be about him, her former home and memories with Shawn is most likely what this line is referring to

The song was first teased on September 19, 2021, during a livestream made on Instagram. Later, it was previewed with a snippet posted by Camila via TikTok on February 14, 2022, which is Valentine’s Day

The record was produced by Tom Peyton & Ricky Reed. Then written by Ricky Reed, Scott Harris, Tom Peyton, WILLOW & Camila Cabello. Officially released on April 8,2022.

Quotable Lyrics:

Feelin’ like a psychofreak-freak-freak
Feelin’ like a psychofreak sometimes
Tryna get connected, no Wi-Fi
Tell me that you love me, are you lying?

Give me lemonade, I give you limes
House in the hills is a house of cards
Blink and the fairytale falls apart
Sorry, didn’t mean to get so dark
Maybe I’m an alien, Earth is hard

Read the Full Lyrics here for Camila Camila Cabello Ft. Willow – Psychofreak

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