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Omaha Nenzingha Davis popularly known as Chyng Diamond – Luck. Diamond is a 25 year old rapper who has a lot of life experiences to share through music. She uses her voice to draw light to person who may be in dark corners. Her parents weren’t so in support of her choice of career but had to let her pursue her career at a point. Her music are so emotional and comfort filling. To her, music is a means of making the society accept her. She urges us to live our best moments through her new single titled “Luck”. If you are in need of hope and comfort, then this masterpiece is for you.

Quotable Lyrics:

Dirty booty bitches checkin coats but ain’t gone check me (yeah yeah)
Real gutta bitch they gone respect me
Make a nigga wait to eat it just to tell him “check please”
These bitches dummies I can’t let a fuck nigga stress me
You gave him an inch turn to a mile and now he looseleaf

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