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American rapper, Coi Leray has shared her latest song “Anxiety,” where the 24-year-old opens up about trust issues and what makes her anxious, the song is the 16th track on her latest album tagged “Trendsetter”

Coi Leray is an American rapper who has effectively won the hearts of numerous adherents. Born as Brittany Collins on May 11, 1997, she later changed her name to Coi Leray, she exited secondary school at 16 years old to seek after her profession as a performer. She has, until this point in time, delivered three music collections in her vocation making anxiety her recent single.

This song was release on 28 January 2022, written by Lourdiz, Dr. Luke, Rocco Did It Again!, lil aaron, Ryan OG & Coi Leray and produced by Dr. Luke, Rocco Did It Again!, ​lil aaron & Ryan OG.

Quotable Lyrics:

Yeah, you tried to break me
I could never let it faze me!
I gotta learn to embrace it
Won’t let it change me even when life get crazy, I’ma always be the same me
Nigga, I was starving, had to get it from the bottom, now I got all these problems
Money can’t solve ’em, but I bet this money off ’em
Gotta proceed with caution
They like, “Coi, you wilding,” I’ma go get it regardless, too busy counting my pockets
I’m the hot topic, I’m the reason why they talking, only pop out when I’m shopping
Yeah, keep that thing on me, yeah, Draco, .223, (yeah)
Nobody can fuck with me, my money therapy (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

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