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In “BONNET” CEO  Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, better known by his stage name DaBaby (formerly Baby Jesus) recruits American rapper and songwriter Pooh Shiesty to drop the track, the song is among the track on DaBaby’s upcoming album

In November 2018, DaBaby shot and killed a man attempting to rob him in a Walmart, which propelled his name up to new heights following various news reports on the incident. The murder charge was later dropped.

The pop song was produced by Glacier (Producer) & DJ K.i.D, written by Glacier (Producer), DJ K.i.D, Pooh Shiesty & DaBaby and released on May 11, 2022 under Interscope Records, South Coast Music Group & Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment Labels.

Quotable Lyrics:

Bitch, there go baby them stuntin’
Hopping out, smelling good, pocket full of money
They hop off your dick when they got what they wanted
Tell me whatever, don’t tell me you love me
I been through some shit, baby, actually
Can we get straight to the action? Let’s just get nasty
Fuck all that keeping it classy
She like a nigga to thug her out, smack on her ass cheeks
These niggas biting my style, I got rabies
Bitch, wear your seat belt, I drive a ho crazy
She ride my dick like a Mercedes
Won’t even come out the house if it’s free, gotta pay me
And she gon’ get mad go and cheat on a nigga (Let’s go)
Bitch get mad and go cheat on your nigga (Let’s go)

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