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Cleveland-born rapper Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, known professionally as DaBaby  also known as Baby Jesus just released a new song titled “Head Off”. He featured  famous American rapper, YoungBoy Never Broke Again who massively impressed greatly in this banger.

“Head Off” is the #10 track of the album, BETTER THAN YOU from DaBaby and YoungBoy Never Broke Again

This song was offered production support by music producers, Ambezza, Jason Goldberg, Ben10k and Tommy Parker, the track was released on March 4, 2022.

Quotable Lyrics:

Patek, Bentayga, brand new chopper and they calling me
Turnt up in your region with my partners, they say come to me
He got that boy, you know how he hit it back
That quinine with a whole lot of tall essentials
Runnin’ up, he been turnin’ ’em up and he ready for war, he do it with all of these niggas
Fuck these niggas, keep that pistol hidden, take his head off
I got the game from my momma, stay chasing them commas
I’ma get me a hundred then I’m heading out
Shorty thick with that ass, but I’m filling her mouth
Take the plate off that car off that window, come out
Talking shit, so a nigga aim straight for his mouth
I done went to Utah and I’m straight from that Nawf
I went tatted a diamonds on top of my face
You just raisin’ the break up, that heart on a plate
Microwave or the stove do it either way
Put on my mask and I seize the place
Smokin’ joc’ back-to-back, I don’t need to bake
Talkin’ crazy I said I don’t need you bae
Need a hunnid on hunnid, I don’t see that shit fake
Only scent leave a hunnid, I’m raising him red
Patek, two tones, bought a bracelet with pointers
Hit the jeweler, I told him the M on my chain
His name in vain, he coming from kickin’ in doors and selling that cain
Right hand with the gelatin, everything changed
Quitted then upgraded straight to the stage
These niggas ain’t equal, can’t step in my lane
I’ma stack it forever then get out the game

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