Digga D Ft. Still Brickin – Pump 101 [Mp3 Download]

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British rapper Rhys Herbert, known professionally as Digga D collabs with fellow rapper Still Brickin to release a hit jam titled “pump 101” and is the among in Digga yet-to release album tagged “Noughty By Nature”

The soundtrack features his talks about letting off the pump, getting money, and women chasing him. He shows his versatility on the song, proving that he is one of the most talented rapper of the new crop to come through in recent years.

Pump 101” was first officially teased through an Instagram freestyle in October 2021. Following Digga’s holiday in Dubai, rumor started on the 28th of November that he stabbed someone and is bound to face life imprisonment overseas. This made him to trend on Twitter for two days. Digga later denied this rumours, saying he was arrested but not for violence and that he’s safe.

Following the publicity he received later made him to reveal Pump 101 to drop. In which he would feature with close friend and rapper Still Brickin. The soundtrack was produced by Aaron Goedluck and released on January 20, 2022.

Quotable Lyrics:

Mayfair hotel, I know you’re lovin’ this shit
Make sure there’s bare spit when you’re suckin’ this (Woo!)
As long as I’m livin’ this high life
Still roll around in uptown with my knife
Burger King (What?), ’cause man don’t nyam Five Guys
Grand power will fill it up with some nine-nine
I’ll load up the pump
My guns are stocked up, got bronem Glocked up in a stolen Benz
I’ll load up the pump
My opps are neeky and we can’t get Jeezy, so we soaked his friends
I’ll load up the pump
My line stay ringin’, my guys stay chingin’, what’s the problem, fam?
I’ll load up the pump

Every opp left bleedin’ so they started teaming cah we smoked their gang
I’ll load up the pump

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