Everything you need to know Spyro

Everything you need to know Spyro
Everything you need to know Spyro
Everything you need to know Spyro

Who is Spyro ?

Spyro, also known as Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, was born on October 1, 1997 in Nigeria. Before moving on to secular music, the Nigerian singer began his musical career as a committed member of a church choir in Lagos State. Spyro received his elementary education at New Mainland Children’s School before finishing his secondary school at Model College in Lagos’ Meiran area. Spyro received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Ibadan.

Did Spyro Have Any Family Or Relatives ? 

Spyro has kept details about his family out of the public, so there isn’t much to say about them. There isn’t a lot that can be mentioned about Spyro’s parents other than the fact that they are referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Oludipe. Spyro hasn’t told the media or social media yet if he has siblings or not, or how many of them there are.

Spyro Educational Level ?

Spyro attended New Mainland Children School for Primary School and Model College in Meiran, Lagos State for Secondary School.

How Did Spyro Become Famous ? 

Although the Nigerian musician is fresh to the nation’s music scene, his work ethic and other traits have shown the rest of the world that he has what it takes to dominate the business. He started singing in a church choir while still a high school student, which is how he got his start in music. Mehdi and R. The Nigerian singer named Kelly and Kelly as two of his musical influences, and both of their styles can be found in his afrobeat-infused songs. But he was always an individual artist and still is.

With the publication of his debut tune, “Funke,” Spyro established a career in music on a professional basis. In the song’s remix, renowned Nigerian artists Mayorkun and Davido were present. Sadly, the song didn’t manage to become very well-known. Spyro’s song “Gunshot” was published in the year 2019. In the year 2020, the performer also released a second song titled “For You” during Covid.

When Spyro published “Billing” in July 2022, it instantly became popular online, especially on Tiktok. The song was streamed on several streaming sites and was among the top 100 songs in Nigeria.

Spyro’s Who Is Your Guy,” a brand-new hit song, was released on November 25, 2023. Along with Nigeria and Africa, the song gained popularity. Later in March, he released the song’s remix, which he had made with Tiwa Savage.

The song peaked at number one in Liberia, number five in Apple’s top 100 Nigerian songs, and number two each in Ghana, Uganda, Niger, and the Gambia. It also reached number two in Sierra Leone. But “Who Is Your Guy” continues to be Spyro’s greatest and most important hit.

Did Spyro Have Any Cars Or House ?

Spyro is a rising celebrity, and his strong hits will bring him financial worth, allowing him to appear on a number of his preferred platforms. However, Spyro has not been known to own a car as of yet.

Because no information regarding his having a residence has been made public to the media, it is hard to say if he does.

What Songs Make Spyro Famous ? 

Along with “Japa,” “Amazing,” and “For You,” he has published a number of other songs. The singer is gaining recognition in Nigeria’s music business as a result of the success of his songs “Billings” and “Who Is Your Guy” across Africa. “Funke,” “Gunshot,” and “Short Dick Man” are some of the other songs released by the Star. Several of his tracks, including “Home and Away,” “See You Again,” “Formula One,” “Pope is a Rockstar,” and “Goth Girl,” were published in 2022. His biggest tune remains the Chart-topping “Who is Your Guy” thus far.

How Much Did Spyro Worth ?

Spyro, born Oludipe Oluwasanmi David on October 1, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, performer, and recording artist with a net worth of $15,000 USD as of the writing of this report.

The Nigerian artist may be a fresh name in the Nigerian music business, but his work ethic and other qualities have demonstrated to the rest of the globe that he has what it takes to dominate the market.

Who is Spyro Girlfriend ?

Spyro is now single, although no information about his relationship is available on the internet.

Apart From “Who’s your Guy” Did Spyro Have Any Official Songs ?

  • Spyro (2017)
  • Rock it (2018)
  • Japa (2018)
  • Funke (2018)
  • Amazing (2019)
  • BACK SEAT (2019)
  • For You (2020)
  • Home and Away (2022)
  • SEE YOU AGAIN (2022)
  • FORMULA ONE (2022)
  • GOTH GIRL (2022)
  • Lost My Love (2022)
  • Who’s your Guy (2023)
  • Who’s your Guy Remix (2023)


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