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American rapper and songwriter Maxie Lee Ryles III, known by his stage name Fivio Foreign releases a new impressive hit titled “Can’t Be Us”, the song is the last and 17th track on his latest album tagged ” B.I.B.L.E”

The rap song was produced by Bordeaux, The Beat Menace, Syk Sense, Non Native, Dizzy Banko & A Lau (Producer) and released on April 8, 2022

Quotable Lyrics:

God sent signs and I read ’em (Uh)
‘Cause they can’t do nothin’ to you unless you let ’em (Uh)
You ‘posed to give ’em one chancе and then dead ’em (Uh)
Shit, I gavе ’em like seven (Yeah)

Shit, I thought they were my bredrin (Bredrin)
Destined (Destined)
They was in my heart but I cured that infection (Uh)
I could’ve lost it all when a nigga got arrested (Yeah)
That’s why I thank God for these awards and these blessings (Yeah)
They wanna rap too ’cause they see how rap changed my life
But lightning never strikes in the same spot twice
Can I live? (Can I live?)
They said I couldn’t do it, and I did (And I did)
Bitch, I’m the same Fivio Foreign since a kid (Bitch)
Bitch, I’m the same Fivio Foreign since the crib
I started shinin’ and them niggas stopped comin’ to my vids
I remember, nigga (I remember, nigga)
Nigga (Nigga)
Them niggas know what it is (Uh)

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