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Brooklyn rapper Maxie Lee Ryles III , known by his stage name Fivio Foreign just released another soundtrack titled “Feel My Struggle”, the song is the 10th track on fivio’s album tagged “B.I.B.L.E.”

Fivio Foreign gets personal on this track, rapping about the tough times he has faced, and the hard work he had to put in. The typical drill beat comes with courtesy of infamous UK drill producer, AXL Beats and was released on April 8, 2022

Quotable Lyrics:

They think it’s over now (Think it’s over now)
Like it ain’t no more storm clouds (What?)
‘Cause they see me on Rolling Loud
Nah, I go through shit, I just hold it down (Yeah)
You gotta toughen up, you getting older now (Yeah)
When you on drugs, your body get broken down
We ain’t stop the drillin’, we just slowing down (Nah)
We was shooting and throwing at open crowd (Grrt, baow)
I gave ’em motivation, the whole squad focused
I close my eyes and think God wrote this
When I say it, I do it in live motion
When I shoot, I’ma drill with my eyes open
When I’m tired of fuckin’, I side stroke it
(When I’m tired of fuckin’, I side stroke it)
Boy, I should’ve been careful, but I ain’t really care to
I was young, dumb, and unfaithful
Two, three drillers jumping in the vehicle
If that silence loud enough, it scares you
If you talking to that gun, it hears you
Tell ’em shoot it then it comes near you
You better do it if them niggas dare you

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