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Song Lyrics:

This is a letterΒ (M.W.A. Music)
Yeah, to whoever, huh

[Verse 1]
As I walk through the valley of
I counted my favours and nothin’ was addin’ up
I don’t know why they so mad at us, uh, yeah
We broke all the barriers, huh
God is my witness and God is my carrier, uh
She looked it down, I sat her up
I made her a queen and I married her
I told her nobody was bad as her
I’m just buildin’ up her character, uh
Now our Father (Now I farther)
Which art in heaven (Put y’all in heaven)
I thank God for all my opps and all my blessings, look (Uh, uh)
This is a message (This is a message)
Every challenge gets accΠ΅pted (Uh), yeah (Yeah), woo (Woo)
I show ‘Π΅m zero affection (Damn)
This a big foot for the steppin’
This a big dog for the wreckin’
This is a mandatory on the check in
This is a million dollars on the check in

Huh (Huh), huh, yeah (Yeah), uff (Uff), huh, uh, huh, yeah
This is a million dollars on the check ins (Ah)
Uh, huh, yeah, huh, huh, yeah, huh
This a million, look

[Verse 2]
This is a letter to whomever, uh
He want a favor? I’ma need 40 and better, uh, yeah (Yeah)
That’s all they gotta tell us, yeah
I need my money out the teller, ah (I need my money out the teller, ha)
I need two bitches to go together,Β snowflake on my face and not frozen weather (Nah)
It was fuckin’ me up (It was fuckin’ me up)
I was a mess (I was a mess)
I thank God for Evet (I thank God for Evet)
Yeah, look, I thank God for sayin’, “Yes” (I thank God for sayin’, “Yes”)
Huh, I thank God for helpin’ me pass on my test, uh, yeah, uh
Let me vent (Let me vent)
Just say, “Amen” (Just say, “Amen”)
If I can’t see what you sayin’, let me squint (Uh)
If you know block that should be bent, let me bend (Skrrt)
Don’t let me twirl (Don’t let me twirl)
Just let me spin, look (Uh, uh)


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