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I Never Liked You

‘712PM’ is by American rapper Future. The song is the 1st track on Future’s new album, “I NEVER LIKED YOU”, fans referred the song to as “Unstoppable” or “Can’t Trap Out The Same Spot”, was first previewed on March 28, 2021 where you can see Future and Young Thug in the studio listening to the song. Months later on September 17, Future and Wheezy posted a small clip from a studio session where we would hear the song again.

The song samples a song by Aura Qualic, “DATA 2.0,” which uses the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, the song was released on April 29, 2022.

“712PM” was Produced by TM88, Wheezy, DJ Moon, Stefanccino & MoXart Beatz. And written by Future, TM88, Wheezy, DJ Moon, Stefanccino & MoXart Beatz.

Quotable Lyrics:

(Wheezy outta here)
Sitting behind five percent, you can see the chinain
Lil’ one going crazy, ready to sprrt for the ginang
If it wasn’t for Google, man that bitch wouldn’t know my nickname
Dropped a Maybach truck on a watch and it was plain jane
Let the door swang, swang the door open, smell cocaine
Trafficking drug money and trap out this one lane
Stepped all in mud, this bitch can’t wait to tie my shoelace
Oh, she don’t like girls, bet this money make a bitch so gay

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