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Cook Up

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Song Lyrics:


I just need a week to cook up
Niggas physique to weak to compete with the elites do some push-ups
Still can’t spar with the god
Try ya hardest to bob
Yall Subpar bar for bar I hardy har har at ya squad
I hardly spark gars which is odd
Yall need weed to reach my sober thoughts
If I chief then sheesh you’ll need a pole to vault
They so distraught
Fuck about all the shoes and clothes you bought
Foes you fought and how many hoes you caught
Yall ain’t take heed of Lessons the ogs taught
Under perform and over talk
How u gon throw the salt..
At a seasoned vet, which emcees is next to step up n try they best to cease the threat
My old bitch tryn rеconnect
I’m way too busy to read ya txt
Rap niggas sayin we need to work
I’m too wеll versed to sell you a verse
Grew up too tuff to believe these acts
They all puppets with strings attached
Feel like anyone wit a mic can get a check I came to collect on
Bitch u know the name put some respect on it
Came in dis game wit a pen n a pad
And da sins from my past
To repent in da form of these gems for the lads through these hymns that I had
And sumn else oh yea tend to the bag
Promised myself that a limb wouldn’t drag
And now it’s lookin real grim for you dagggg
Boys ain’t fukn wit him in da lab
Why niggas even attempt to collab
Paint the Sistine wit 16 bars
Wit 32 I’m magic

My first 48 will do you tragic
A 64 it’s caskets
Perhaps its taken it too far
Im 2pac in a 2022 car
I’m anti don’t wanna kno who nun of you are
I can’t lie my stomach rumbling for the new star
It’s enticing, im Mike on da mic if we do spar
I’m just warming up this is heat rock
The heir apparent in a pair of pyer moss reeboks
Might bust down the g shock
Since Broke boyz buyin rollies off depop
I don’t sip from the teapot
And, I don’t drink well, I don’t do cheap shots
If it’s a problem i don’t stress it
Real nigga I’m stamped so I address it
God did it first I’m second
Crafted this in 6 days on the 7th, I rested
Soon come mo raps from the boy
Til den sit back relax n enjoy


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