Jungkook – Stay Alive

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Stay Alive

Stay Alive” works as the soundtrack for the 7FATES: CHAKHO, an foremost web-novel and comic released by Jungkook in cooperation with the BTS.

This sentimental song adds depth to the storyline brought about by the Joseon Dynasty, but set in a modern city. It tells of  seven-members tiger hunting team connected by fate called ‘Chakho’. SUGA, who produced the song, based it on the actual summary and drawing sketches of the comic to make it align with the story. In addition, Jung Kook’s vocals were added to complete the mood of the music.

The song “Stay Alive” explores the surviving narrative of the main characters in the story when thrown into brutal fate.

Quotable Lyrics:

At the end of this endless nightmare
That I don’t know if it’ll ever end
You raise me up every day
Came like a miracle, look like a miracle
Just like a miracle, those few words

You are my fate
No words can express it enough
Salvation that saved a wearied me
Is that easier to grasp
Those few words that saved me
I’ll be by your side after many nights
Oh, yeah (Those few words)
I’ll stay by your side even if my feet bleed
Please, you stay alive

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