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“Freeze” is a song by Norwegian DJ and record producer Kygo, that is the longest song to be released by Kygo, which has an eighth minutes duration. the song is among the song on his upcoming album

“Freeze” tells the narrative of two lovers who are sitting on the rooftop of their car at night, gazing at the stars. The singer adores the moment and does not want it to end, i.e. he wishes to freeze it.

The fact that the story is set in the summer is where the title comes into play. And the inference is that, whether the “summer” is physical or symbolic, the two of them can only be together at this time, i.e. for finite periods of time. As a result, the singer want to “freeze… this ideal moment” with his sweetheart. And it’s indicated that the reason he wants these days to last is because he feels most alive when he’s with her.

The soundtrack was first announced on Twitter by Dancing Astronaut on May 1.

The record was produced by Kygo, Andrew Jackson & Duck Blackwell. And written by Rory Adams, Duck Blackwell, Andrew Jackson & Kygo. Released on May 6,2022 under a subsidiary record label, KygoAs.

Quotable Lyrics:

We out on the rooftop of your car under the sky
I’ll tell you the truth, crossing my heart, hoping to die
I don’t know nobody like you, no-nobody (Hey, ooh, ah-ah-ah)
I’m watching a star, million light-years away
I wish I could pause, and hit replay, yeah
‘Cause summers go so fast
Darlin’, can we freeze?
Let me save this perfect memory
Remember how it feels like flying in the dark
Like I must be awake inside a dream
Darlin’, can we freeze?

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