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I Am Tired

“I’m Tired” marks the second collaboration between Emmy Award winner Zendaya and Grammy Award winner, Labrinth for HBO’s Euphoria songs composer. The track is featured in Euphoria second season finale, “All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name”. The two have previously featured together on “All For Us” sang in Euphoria’s first season.

“I’m Tired” first released as a single with Labrinth vocals on Friday 4th February. This is the first time it has reappeared with a new feature from Zendaya.

“I’m Tired” is a track about someone who has had enough of the world they live in, but still persists and tries to stay alive, strive to be better and overcome the darkness.
In the context of “Euphoria”, the song is about a drug addict, Rue (who is played by Zendaya), who is going through pullback and finds herself in a state of hope and Peace, despite all hell she was put through in her life. She isn’t sure of how long she will manage to stay sober and healthy, but she is willing to give it her best shot.

In an interview , the 33-year-old singer-songwriter explained composing the emotional track “I’m Tired” with Zendaya as an impulsive inspiration. The gospel-inspired song exhibited Labrinth’s  exceptional voice with a soulful organ , which played in the fourth episode when Rue (Zendaya) goes through hallucination caused by drugs. Interestingly, the musician also made a cameo in the episode as he is seen hugging Zendaya to pacify her.

Quotable Lyrics:

Hey Lord, You know I’m fighting
Hey Lord, You know I’m fighting
I’m sure this world is done with me
Hey Lord, You know it’s true

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