Leikeli47 – Get The Riches [Mp3 Download]

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American musician Hasben Jones, known professionally as Leikeli47 just released a new song titled “Get The Riches” , the song is the 13th track on his new album tagged “Shape Up”.

“Get The Riches,” a hard-hitting track in which she delivers a wicked flow over a villainous beat, Leikeli47 is truly spitting, showcasing her talent for coasting over hypnotic beats, as she raps.

The song produced Michael Barney, wtitten by Michael Barney, Hasben Jones & Harold Lilly and released on May 13, 2022

Quotable Lyrics:

Uh, bih, what’s happenin’?
I walk into the room and get it crackin’
If I feel I triggered then you know I’m clappin’
Motion picture hands, I’m ’bout that action
So what’s happenin’? (So what’s happenin’?)
That beat slappin’, 808 make that ass get to clapping
Aisle 47, all you bitches grabbing
I’m in my bag, if I want it, I just add it
That’s how I’m trappin’ (Uh)
With every letter, I’m getting better
Oh, you don’t like it? Clock in, ho, go write a letter
I am HR, and that’s FR
A hood rich superstar, lowkey I’m so me
And all about my cheddar, I’m hungry

Read the Full Lyrics here for Leikeli47 – Get The Riches

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