Lil Baby – Forever Ft. Lil Wayne

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Atlanta born rapper. Dominique Armani Jones, fondly known as Lil Baby has just dropped a new song he Titled “Forever”. This high-powered banger serves as the tenth track on this album, he tagged “My Turn.“

American famous rapper Lil Wayne featured greatly in “Forever,” in this song, Lil Baby and Lil Wayne talked about their refusal to sell out to the evils of the rap game and forever remain true to themselves. This is the second official collaboration between this two rapper. The song was leaked on January 2020 before the official release on this album.

This song was offered production support by music producers, Twysted Genius, this track was released on February 28, 2020

Quotable Lyrics:

Wrap it, make sure they can’t smell it
Drive too far? Don’t matter, I’ll mail it
Tryna steal swag, I see it, I smell it
Used to get mad, probably beat up my celly
Now I sell bags every day in my city
Ain’t doin’ no playin’, when they come, be ready
I got murder on my mind like that lil’ nigga Melly (Free Melly)
Big boy rocks, stud the same size as Nelly (Ten karats)
Long as I live, I’ma get this cheddar
Ever since the bitch left, doin’ lil’ better
Which car I’ma drive? It depends on the weather
Rolls Royce truck pull up like, “Hello”
Pretty, tall, light skin, shake like Jell-O
If the bitch actin’ bougie, I’ma take her to the ghetto
If I ain’t smokin’ Runtz, then it’s probably Limoncello
You got a lil’ boy, but you not on my level
Sell P’s every day in the hood on my schedule
Young nigga give a ho whole groove like Stella
Jam don’t shake like that, that’s Jell-O
Made a whole M on the road, then lay low
I’m a real boss in my hood, I got say-so
I was havin’ choppas ‘fore I heard about Dracos
Put me in the casket with a bust down halo, yeah

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