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Atlanta born rapper. Dominique Armani Jones, fondly known as Lil Baby has just dropped a new banger he Titled “Forget That”. This high-powered banger serves as the nineteenth track on this album, he tagged “My Turn“.

“Forget That” was first teased by Baby and Rylo Rodriguez in a snippet posted on Lil Baby’s Instagram account on February 24, 2020. Marking the 9th collaboration between the two rappers, the song finds the two rappers thinking on their emerge while flexing their wealth.

This Hip-Hop/Rap song was offered production support by music producers, Tyler Armes and Murda Beatz, and the track was released on February 28, 2020

Quotable Lyrics:

Got a thousand pounds for a thousand, buy them bitches now
First they tried to steal my style, now they tryna steal my sound
Thank God, I ain’t been broke in a while
Do what I do to a T, you my child
I left the bitch in the field and she sour
Move like a ghost in my town, I got power
Reach for a chain on my neck, hear a baow
I’m hittin’ ’em hard, make ’em throw in the towel
Don’t get ’em started, if you ask me, I’m the hardest
Ain’t come to play with these boys, I ain’t Carti
AMG big body, sound like it farted
I hurt they feelings, ain’t telling’ ’em sorry
These niggas boring, I’m on some more shit
Hundred racks spent on my teeth, I like flossin’
Ran up ten million and still ain’t get cocky
Fuck your opinion, don’t need it, I’m poppin’
Told all the bros catch an opp, then he droppin’
Everyone hot on my label, got options
Send your deposit, we come to rock shit
Breakin’ in cars, my lil’ bro like a locksmith
That nigga throw it up, he on them Roxies
Why you keep buyin’ these chains and these watches?
How can I not? Every day I get profit
Upped all my drip ’cause my Crips be watchin’

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