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It’s Only Me

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Song Lyrics:

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
Like why you turn your back on me?
You know I needed you
I don’t want you to see the life I live, I want you to see the truth
It’ll turn you against the ones you love, that’s what the streets will do
Just free the people from the mud, that’s what the leaders do

[Verse 2: Lil Baby]
I turn my back on something I fear, but shit, I had to
You told ’em everything I said, I’m still mad at you for that
You supposed to be right here with me, now we in the backseat
What you saw, gets you a fucked up charge, can’t come back from that
I’m with slimiest niggas, they acting slimey
I’m with the grimiest niggas, they acting grimey

[Verse 3: Lil Durk]
I’m with slimiΠ΅st niggas, they acting slimey
I’m with the grimiΠ΅st niggas, they acting grimey
You sipping mud, you get a [?], that’s what wockesha do
I fuck one bitch and gave her cash, felt like a prostitute
I wish I can go pay off the judge if that shit possible
When you really coming from that mud, it’s different obstacles

[Verse 4: Lil Baby]
From where I’m from, to get this far, it’s near possible
Nigga all my dawgs [?], say he can’t swallow nun’
Barely start crawling, I ain’t even walking yet, I don’t know how to run
You know the money ain’t no problem, you coming home soon as you get a bond

[Verse 5: Lil Durk]
You ain’t scared to talk to me like that, nigga, like you ain’t got no son
Like every nigga ’round me ain’t gon’ crash out ’cause I gave ’em a gun
Like one of dawgs, he on parole, he maxed out for his son
I went to Izzy and got me a clean ring
Man I had to go run up a check, it’s perfect timing
I just got a rollie with baguettes, it’s perfect timing
I just copped the Audemars Piguet, it’s perfect timing

[Verse 6: Lil Baby]
I just went and upgraded my neck, it’s perfect timing
She gon’ eat me up when she want sex, it’s perfect timing
Richard millie flooded with baguettes, it’s not a diamond in it


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