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Atlanta born rapper. Dominique Armani Jones, fondly known as Lil Baby has just dropped a new banger he Titled “Solid”. Lil Baby used this high-powered banger to round-up this album, he tagged “My Turn“.

In this last track, Lil Baby is saying that God helped him to get away from poverty and now all he does is chilling with his money and luxurious life.

This Hip-Hop/Rap song was offered production support by music producers, Chi Chi and Hagan, and the track was released on February 28, 2020

Quotable Lyrics:

One hand on my steering wheel, other arm to work the blicky
I’ma be forever gang but smart enough to keep my distance
Product of the real trenches, that’s why I wear a trench coat
Damn near fucked my life gamblin’, bet it all on ten-to-four
Rap get slow, I’m sellin’ loads, can’t get caught with no skinny ho
Can’t get caught with no ho at all, bitch, don’t slam my door that hard
I pull up like, “Oh my Lawd,” she gon’ shop, she hold my card
Glock four-fifth my bodyguard, I sip syrup, no noddin’ off
If you know you owe me, better come and pay me, better not be a dollar short
I done took the game, put it in a lock, I ain’t even try
Lookin’ like a lick, tryna play slick, nigga, you’ll die
Comin’ from the bricks, I ain’t had shit, now the new Coupe 125

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