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Russian rapper, record producer, and songwriter Alisher Tagirovich Morgenshtern, known popularly as Morgenshtern release a soundtrack titled “12”.The song features life of a hoodlum, doing expensive things and living fast ,yet scared of the cops.

The prior information about the track came out on March 2. The artist made a post with the name of the track in the description on Instagram. He also made it clear he doesn’t care about streaming the song, rather he had just drop it out there on telegram. He also emphasized working on a new Alisher that isn’t too kind.

He dedicated the song to his younger brother “Emir” who is turning 12. The official song video was released on the brothers birthday being March 14 (2022). It was produced by Atlantic records

Quotable Lyrics:

V12 under the hood, Cartier was on the stroke of twelve (Mm-mm)
It’s been a long time since I was eighteen, but the bitch just turned eighteen right now (Mm-mm)
The color looks like a bee, buz-z-z, stock, native color (Mm-mm)
The speedometer’s pointer rushes beyond hundred, ladders on expensive tights (Mm-mm)
Skyscrapers in smoke, smoke ice kush, but ice is not smoking
These carats on me now costs twice as much (Mm-mm)
A couple of еmoji in the story, wow, you’re capable of a fеat (Mm-hm)
Big bosses will send you to the slaughter — bosses never give a fuck (Hey)

I seem to have fucked of a long time ago, but I’m still scared when I see the cops
Illegal schemes, dirty money — we arrange everything to the drops (Yes)
Fast life, fast cars, I’m a noble breed (Yeah)

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