Nomfundo Moh – Ugcobo Album

Ugcobo Album By Nomfundo Moh
Nomfundo Moh – Ugcobo Album
Nomfundo Moh – Ugcobo Album

Nomfundo Moh, a South African singer-songwriter, has delighted her fans by releasing the long-awaited “Ugcobo Album.” The album includes a variety of soulful and upbeat songs that highlight Nomfundo’s distinct vocal range and style.

The album has received praise from fans for its stirring lyrics and memorable melodies, making it a must-listen for anyone who enjoys excellent music. Nomfundo Moh has cemented her reputation as one of South Africa’s most talented and exciting artists with the release of Ugcobo Album.

Nomfundo Moh Ugcobo Album Tracklist

  1. Noyana (Intro)
  2. Uthando Lunye
  3. Umjolo O Healthy
  4. Isthombe
  5. Nanini
  6. Amalobolo
  7. Umncele
  8. Ndaba Zabantu
  9. Muntu Wasemzini
  10. iLifa
  11. Wamqoma Kanjani
  12. Moya Wami
  13. Ingoma
  14. Ugcobo The Anointing (Outro)

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