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Popcaan is a Jamaican singer and has released a new album titled “skeleton Cartier “. The album was made viral few hours after it was released making it a plus to the Jamaican and the African music industry.

Popcaan’s real name is Andre Hugh Sutherland and he is a DJ, singer & song writer. He is said to be a top African singer and has since been doing well for himself. Skeleton Cartier was recorded and released in 2022. This piece of art is worth listening to.

This song was offered production support by record music producers, The FaNaTiX and Dane Ray, the track was released on March 4, 2022

Quotable Lyrics:

G- wagon Jeep
tight pussy gyal pon di front seat
Gi dem hell pon di earth like mobb deep Pussy dem Cyaa seh wi funds weak Whoi
Skeleton Cartier tell dem seh mi richer dan last year Fresh Louis V, fresh nike air
Gyal ah say mi skin pretty dan a bike flair
Some ah mi dog weh gone dem fi deh right here Big up di dawg Bramma fry him do nine year
Some bwoy ah say dem don’t like me like I care Dem nuh see seh man ah dancehall pioneer
Tell dem ah we have di vibes like kartel
We have di place lock
Hi grade and Guinness and tequila di bar shell
Ray Gad will pay dat

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