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Cooped Up

American rapper, and songwriter Austin Richard Post, known professionally as Post Malone just released a new soundtrack featuring fellow American rapper Roddy Ricch, “Cooped Up” is the second single from Post Malone’s fourth upcoming album titled “twelve carat toothache”. It marks Post’s second joint with Roddy Ricch

A few short snippets of the song were played by Post during a Live on April 23. Five days later, Post’s manager Dre London, announced the album and release date, confirming the song with a preview of a short-clip of Post Malone’s verse.

The song was produced by Louis Bell and released on May 12, 2022.

Quotable Lyrics:

Yeah, I’m off the Bud Light, not the bourbon (Mm)
I’ma chop the roof off the Suburban (Skrrt)
Tried to Bia Nice Guy, John Terzian (Wow)
‘Til I started throwin’ up in your Birkin (Ooh)
Then I woke up in the mornin’ (I woke up in the)
Police showed up at my door with a warrant (Fuck that shit)
I remember flushin’ somethin’ down the toilet (Flush, flush)
Guess he gotta let me off with a warnin’
Return of the Mack (Ah)
Feelin’ like an outcast, I’m the only guy in slacks
That’ll cost you three stacks (Three stacks, three stacks)
Now you savin’ that check, why you takin’ my swag?
Can you give me that back?
Gucci my Prada, Miyake (Ooh)
Louis, Bottega, and Tommy
All of these things on my body, let’s party (Ah, ah, ah)

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