SleazyWorld Go Ft. Lil Baby – Sleazy Flow (Remix) [Mp3 Download]

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Sleazy Flow (Remix)

Musical artist SleazyWorld Go tapped Atlanta rapper Dominique Armani Jones, better known by his stage name Lil Baby for the remix of “Sleazy Flow,” which keeps the dark energy from the original record.

Lil Baby matches SleazyWorld’s tone with a sharp verse that touches on women and wealth.

If you’re just now coming across SleazyWorld Go, make sure to check out his excellent 2021 project, Sleazy.

The rap song was produced by Rage Santana, written by Rage Santana, SleazyWorld Go & Lil Baby and released on March 26, 2022.

Quotable Lyrics:

How you mad she choosin’ me?
You would die if you know what she was doin’ to me (Ooh)
We been swappin’ spit for a lil’ while, this shit ain’t new to me
Actin’ like I’m chasin’ her or somethin’, she be pursuin’ me
Can’t hold you, she be tellin’ me all the time she wish that you was me (She bold)
I ain’t with that messy shit, I barely’ll text a bitch (I’m cold)
I can’t even brag about these thots, that shit be effortless (Damn)
Red and white Ferrari, I come through fresh as a peppermint
Ain’t caught up in that other shit, they trippin’, I’m Black excellence (Yeah)

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