Spice – Love Triangle (Pum Pum) [Mp3 Download]

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Jamaican singer and dancehall recording artist Grace Latoya Hamilton referred to as the “Queen of Dancehall” but popularly known as Spice ,release a hilarious soundtrack titled “Love triangle (pum pum)”

The song feature the complicated love story between American Model Blac Chyna and American Rapper Tyga ,who found themselves dating two famous celebrities that are siblings, Kylie Jenner and her half-brother Rob Kardashian.
She also hinted on the strained relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian too

The song was first freestyled at a reggaeton festival on 2017, due to its popularity, it was eventually recorded and released

Quotable Lyrics:

Blac Chyna was Tyga, pum pum
Kylie Jenner use fi har, pum pum
Take weh Tyga from Chyna, pum pum
So Chyna just gi Kylie brother, pum pum
Dem say mi love sing bout mi pum pum
I got a classy pum pum
Mi pat mi pum pum
My man right here him love mi pum pum
So mi nah stop sing skin out mi pum pum
You have black pum pum
And Chiney pum pum
White pum pum
Hispanic pum pum
Asian pum pum
Indian pum pu

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