Tate McRae – ​I Used To Think I Could Fly [album]

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​I Used To Think I Could Fly

Canadian singer-songwriter and dancer Tate Mcrae just released her upcoming debut studio album tagged “​I Used To Think I Could Fly”, the album is released on May 27th, 2022. 

The album features singles “feel like shit,” “she’s all i wanna be,” “chaotic” and “what would you do?”.

When interviewed about this upcoming album Tate said; “Totally, I have a lot of different things that I’ve been going through in my life, alot’s changing right now, so I think my album definitely has a lot of concepts I’ve never tapped into before”.

However, the ​I Used To Think I Could Fly collection is available here for your free and fast download.

Check out the album tracklist below.

Tate McRae – ​I Used To Think I Could Fly Album Tracklist

1. Tate McRae – ?

2. Tate McRae – Don’t Come Back

3. Tate McRae – I’m So Gone

4. Tate McRae – ​​what would you do?

5. Tate Mcrae – Chaotic

6. Tate McRae – Hate Myself

7. Tate McRae – What’s Your Problem

8. Tate McRae – She’s All I Wanna Be

9. Tate McRae – Boy X

10. Tate McRae – You’re so cool

11. Tate McRae – Feel Like Shit

12. Tate McRae – Go Away

13. Tate McRae – ​i still say goodnight


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