Tyler, The Creator Ft. Nigo – Come On, Let’s Go [Mp3 Download]

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American rapper and record producer Tyler Gregory Okonma, professionally known as Tyler, The Creator release a track titled “Come on, let’s go” featuring Nigo. The soundtrack is a Pharrell-produced track from fashion designer, DJ, record producer and entrepreneur NIGO’s 2022 album I Know NIGO!.

The music video mirrors the song’s narrative, with Tyler standing next to a Ferrari sports car while he raps on the phone, to a woman prepping inside the house. The track starts with a pulsing, dark synth in its Begin, which occurs again at the end. The majority is lead by a fluctuating bassline and heavy drums, with a lighter, tapping synth.

“Come On, Let’s Go” music was released on March 25, 2022 a day ahead to the album’s release. The song was produced by Tyler, The Creator & Pharrell Williams

Quotable Lyrics:

I told your ass be ready, agh
You always got excuses and you know I be on top of things
Punctual my proper name, on the dot is not your aim
Although we in love, we are not the same (Uh)

I hit you on that celly, agh
You said you needed five, that was more than twelve ago
Claim you got your hands tied, time stuck like Velcro
Georgia Peach on each side like it’s ATL, ho (Yeah)
You lackin’ (Ayy), you trippin’, you slackin’ (Ayy)
Impatient-ly waitin’ (Yeah, ayy)
Confused, like “What happened?”
How you get a attitude ’cause I’m gettin’ mad?
‘Cause you wanna take twenty minutes and a half

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